Basic Requirements for Australian Skilled Immigration

There are a number of basic requirements needed for applicants to meet the minimum requirements for the General Skilled Migration program. 

The following list isn’t comprehensive, but it sets out the minimum standards applicants need to meet. 


Applicants must be under 50 years of age when they apply. 


Applicants must prove that they are sufficiently proficient in the English language. They must achieve a “competent” level on an approved English test. This is tested through the International English Language Testing System. 


The applicant’s qualifications and skills must be assessed by a relevant authority. This will differ depending on the applicant’s occupation. 

Nominated Occupation

When applicants apply they nominate an occupation that fits their qualifications and skills. This occupation must be on the Skilled Occupations List. 

Skills Assessment

For many Skilled Occupations, the applicant must get a skill assessment by the relevant Australian assessing authority in charge of assessing their occupation. 

Health Assessment

All applicants must have a medical assessment to ensure they’re in good health and don’t suffer from any major medical issues. 

Character Assessment

Applicants must be of good character. This is normally determined by a criminal record check and personal declarations by the applicants. 

Without these general requirements met you will not qualify for a General Skilled Migration Application.

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    Attention : Mr. Nawaz
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