Australian Visas Options

Australia is a wonderful country to move to or visit. 

But visas can be complicated and confusing. 

Here we’ve broken down the basic types of visas so that you can decide which visa is best for your purposes. 

Basic Options for Migrating to Australia: 

Visitor Visas

For those travelling in or through Australia. Generally do not allow work. 

  • eVisitor Visa
  • Electronic Travel Authority
  • Visitor
  • Transit Visa

Studying and Training Visas

For students already accepted to an Australian educational institution or training program and their guardians. 

  • Student Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Student Guardian Visa

Working Holiday Visa

For young people who wish to holiday and work in Australia for up to 12 months. 

  • Work and Holiday Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa

Working and Skilled Visas

Visas for employees who would like to work and live in Australia longer-term. Some visas lead to permanent residency and citizenship. 

  • Employer Nominated visas
  • Regional (Skilled, Sponsored)
  • Skilled Worker Visas (Sponsored, Nominated, Regional)
  • Independent Visas (for skilled workers that Australia needs)
  • Temporary Visas (short stay, skill shortage)

Business Visas

These visas are for those who own a business and wish to invest in Australia. Some visas lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

  • Business Innovation and Investment visa
  • Business owner visa
  • Investor Visa

Family and Partner Visa

A visa for family and partners of Australian citizens and permanent residents. Some visas lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

  • Adoption Visa
  • Dependent Child Visas
  • Parent Visa
  • Carer Visa
  • Child Visa
  • Orphan Relative Visa
  • Partner Visa

Refugee or Humanitarian Visas

For those individuals from countries that present an extraordinary humanitarian reason for the applicant to stay in Australia. Some visas lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

  • Protection Visa
  • Refugee Visa
  • Global Special Humanitarian

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  • May 28, 2022 at 5:57 am

    If I apply for a partner visa once I marry my Australian girl friend how soon after can I work? Do I get a bridging visa so I can work while waiting for the Temporary Partner Visa? How long will take after we apply for me to start working? Thank you

  • February 20, 2023 at 9:24 pm

    Hello, I have been out to Australia on a working holiday visa. 2018-2020 and left as covid started to become a thing. myself and my parter would like to come back out however as I have already done a whv I am unsure of how to do this. my parter is a qualified nurse so hopefully would be able to come out no issue. just looking for some advice on myself. could I be a de facto? how does it work and what’s the best thing to do..? thanks


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